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Slip and Fall

Premises Liability Accident Attorney

Premises Liability Attorneys Helping People Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents

Business owners, property managers, homeowners or even the city may be liable for a slip and fall accident under Massachusetts premises liability laws. Our job is to prove that the property owner either created the hazard or had notice of the unsafe condition and failed to warn or fix the problem.

We have helped clients throughout the Boston area and across Massachusetts secure compensation. We are experienced at identifying the property defect or dangerous conditions that caused the accident, and holding the property or business owner liable for your expenses.

We Need to Work Quickly
Property owners act fast to cover up the evidence. Witnesses must be identified and interviewed while their recollection is fresh. There may be a time limit for bringing a premises liability legal action. Contact us immediately to discuss your possible slip and fall injury claim.

A Duty to Your Safety

Did you slip or trip and fall because of something that shouldn’t have been there? If your serious slip and fall injury stemmed from a property owner’s negligence, you may have a claim for damages. We can assist in determining whether the homeowner, business owner or property manager was responsible in the following situations:

  • Accumulation of ice or snow — If you are hurt by falling on snow and/or ice, you may be able to recover. The landowner must be reasonable in the control, care and maintenance of their property under the circumstances.
  • Wet or slick floors — We have successfully brought claims for people injured when they slipped and fell on melted snow in entryways or walkways, spills in the supermarket aisle, or because of the owner’s failure to put out caution signs after mopping or waxing.
  • Construction/maintenance defects — Apartments owners and other property owners can be held to pay for broken steps, missing or loose. handrails, bad lighting or building code violations that cause a slip, trip or fall.
  • Tripping hazards — Property owners and a city or township may be liable for holes, potholes, heaved sidewalks, torn carpets.
  • Other dangers — Business owners can be liable for your injuries as a result of falling merchandise, protruding objects, chemical leaks.

We have seen substantial injuries from a “simple” slip and fall — broken hips and fractured bones, head trauma, dental damage and disfigurement. And we work hard to recover full damages for the victim’s medical bills, lost income and temporary or permanent disability.

Representative Case
A 71-year-old client suffered fractures and required several surgeries after tripping over a raised walkway. We recovered $264,000. See more examples of our Verdicts and Settlements.

Claims Against Municipalities

By statute, a slip and fall injury claim against a town is limited to $5,000, regardless of your losses. There is also a notice requirement for bringing suit. However, this should not deter you from calling Attorney Houde. There may be an additional claim against a private contractor, homeowner or other third party not bound by a limit on damages.

Do You Have a Viable Claim?

Call us for a free case evaluation or contact us. We can arrange early morning, evening or weekend appointments. We offer convenient office locations in Attleboro, Lexington, Medway, and Newton / Wellesley. You will pay no lawyer fees unless we obtain compensation.

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    We are happy to provide a consultation to all first time clients.

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