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Steven Houde did a great job for me.

Mr. Houde did a great job for me, guiding me through a difficult injury. His counsel and communication were excellent and the outcome I received was very favorable. He knows his stuff and he was passionate about my case. I appreciated that after long periods of waiting, that he stayed in contact and would provide me updates. by Jim, a Personal Injury client

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Massachusetts Law and the Bicyclist

Every year there are thousands of bicycle accidents in Massachusetts and many involve serious personal injury. Bicycle riding has become a mainstream form of transportation and as more and more people take their cycling to the busy streets of Massachusetts more accidents are bound to occur. For overall safety, it is important to understand the law as it pertains to bicycling in Massachusetts. With the exception of highways where signs prohibit bike riding, you are

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Personal Injury Caused By A Dog Attack

Massachusetts laws state that if an animal causes bodily injury or injury to property, the owner, or guardian of the owner, should they be a minor, is deemed responsible. The exception to the rule states that if the attacked occurred in response to the victim taunting, teasing, or abusing the animal, or while the victim was unlawfully trying to enter the animal owner’s property, than the owner may not be held accountable for the animal’s

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Proving Fault in Personal Injury Cases: The Complexities of Comparative Negligence

Proving fault in Massachusetts personal injury cases, such as a car accident, can be complex. Almost any type of accident can potentially have multiple people involved who may or may not be to blame. Trying to find who those people are and what their role was in the accident may also be a major challenge. Regardless, with some investigative work, there may be helpful evidence available.  Therefore, it is important to contact an experienced personal

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Slip, Trips, Falls: What is Premises liability?

If you’ve slipped, tripped, fallen or been injured in any way while on someone else’s property, you should know about your legal rights. You may be able to pursue a premises liability case against the owner or other parties. What is premises liability? Massachusetts statutes require property owners to use  “a reasonable standard of care” when it comes to protecting lawful visitors from injury on their premises. Failure to do so may render the owner

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Premises Liability and Massachusetts Law

Premises Liability deals with the proper maintenance of public and private property. Examples of those affected by premises liability can include landlords, restaurant owners, and store owners. Under Massachusetts law, owners and managers are required to maintain and secure their property to avoid unsafe or hazardous conditions that could cause residents or guests harm. During the winter months, premises accidents increase due to inadequate maintenance and removal of snow and ice. Slip and fall accidents

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Injured by automobile

I met with Steven in person and found him very caring and attentive. I can’t thank Steven enough for all his hard work and professionalism in handling the necessary, enormous amount of paperwork, emails and phone calls involved in my automobile accident case. Having Steven do all the work allowed me to focus on the physical therapy I very much needed to have because of the injury I received from the accident. The settlement check

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Negligent Entrustment in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know When Someone Else Drives Your Automobile

You may be the safest driver you know. Perhaps you always drive the speed limit, never drive after even one drink or after taking certain medication, and always obey the laws. However, when it comes to car accidents and negligence you can be held liable even if someone else was driving your car. There are different instances where even if you were not the driver you may be at fault if there is an accident.

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Top Car Accident Injury Attorney in Boston

After being involved in a minor car accident (in which the other party was at fault), I contacted Steve Houde and he agreed to take my case. We met in person and he explained the process in a clear manner. While we worked together over the next few months, I found him to be very professional, thorough, and easy to work with. I was also pleased with the amount of money I received for my

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Ann Trehub is an excellent attorney!

Attorney Ann Trehub did a tremendous job representing me after I was injured in a car accident a few years ago. She is organized and professional yet extremely caring and kind, a rare combination. Ann demonstrated a great knowledge of the system and kept me informed every step of the way. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case, so I did not hesitate to contact Ann after a negligent driver hit me

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