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Even if the other driver is clearly at fault, collecting damages for injuries from an auto accident depends on that driver’s insurance — and maybe yours.

If the driver who hit you had too little insurance, you can bring a claim under your own underinsured motorist coverage. An early call to The Law Offices of Steven M. Houde offers your best chance of recovering full compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and lasting pain or disability.

There Is a Time Limit on These Claims!
An underinsured motorist claim must be filed early in the process. Contact us immediately to talk to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers before this window of opportunity closes. We represent victims of all motor vehicle accidents in the Greater Boston area and Massachusetts.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

A common scenario: Your medical bills are $35,000 and your lost wages another $15,000, but the at-fault driver carries only the minimum liability insurance of $20,000. Are you stuck with the loss?

When you insured your car, you might have purchased optional coverage for injuries and losses exceeding the other person’s coverage. In the example above, if you purchased a $50,000/100,000 Underinsurance provision, the negligent driver’s policy would pay its policy limits, and your underinsured motorist policy (UIM) would pay the difference between your coverage amount and the $20,000 paid, that would be a claim for an additional $30,000.00.


Insurance companies are notorious for trying to limit payouts, including underinsured motorist claims. They may require you to see their doctor for an “independent exam,” and then dispute the extent of your injuries and need for future treatment. As a result, the insurer may try to lowball your settlement or terminate your coverage.

With years of experience in this field, we have handled hundreds of underinsured motorist claims. We protect you from termination or undervaluation of your claim, through insurance settlement or arbitration, or trial if necessary.

One client suffered neck and shoulder injuries when she was rear-ended by another driver whose insurance did not fully cover her medical expenses. We collected liability and underinsurance benefits totaling $65,000. Read more about our Verdict and Settlements.

Don’t Assume You’re Covered

If there is any question about the other driver’s coverage, contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. You can reach us at 781-235-7744. We offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments.  We offer convenient office locations in Attleboro, Lexington, Medway, and Newton / Wellesley. You pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.